Rollo Robertson

Rollo C. Robertson is the founder of Rollo Robertson Productions and is the creator and head writer for all of Rollo Robertson Production’s film and television concepts. Rollo Robertson has scored foreign and independent films from the year of 2000 to the current day.

The South Jersey native was a professional Jazz musician from the age of 16, travelling to places like Paris France, London England, Canada and others. Mr. Robertson is influenced by writers such as Charles Dickens, C.S. Lewis, Langston Hughes, Russell Davies, Maya Angelou, Joss Whedon, Toby Whithouse, Terry Nation, Gene Rodenberry, George Lucas, Alex Hailey, Stephen Cannel and Steven Moffat.

 Rollo Robertson Productions specializes in film, television, and music production. Their current television programs include an action series (“Brotherhood of Silver”), a drama (“Runaways”), a Sci-Fi series (“The Everly Brothers”), a new spin-off of “Brotherhood of Silver” (“Rebus PD”), a suspense series (“America Left”), and a reality series (“Married to theBusiness”).